Changes are coming in the interface of WhatsApp, find out how it should look now

Changes are coming in the interface of WhatsApp, find out how it should look now

Changes are coming in the interface of WhatsApp, find out how it should look now

It is clear that WhatsApp is not lacking in new features to win the hearts of customers, even though it has been embroiled in controversy over privacy policy since the beginning of this year. Because almost every day there is news that the company is going to bring some new features for the convenience of the users and to increase the level of their popularity many times over. Some of the various features included in WhatsApp’s feature portfolio add new functionality to the app, as well as modify WhatsApp‘s interface. A few days ago, this instant messaging platform owned by Facebook added features like voice waveform and forward sticker pack which brought cosmetic changes to the app. Recently, such a feature company is going to bring in its Android app, which will attract your attention even if it has no special functionality.

WhatsApp Profile Picture size is changing

According to a report by WhatsApp‘s feature tracker WABetaInfo, Facebook’s proprietary messaging app plans to make a small change to its user interface that will make the app look clearer. WhatsApp is thinking of shortening the profile picture of each contact in the chat list. In addition, they plan to remove line separators that separate one contact from the other. With this feature, a nice change can be noticed in the WhatsApp chat interface.

For now, profile pictures are visible on WhatsApp in a slightly larger size and so they are separated from each other using line separators. But according to recent news, this will change in the upcoming update. It is learned that this change is available in Android beta version However, it is not clear when this feature will be rolled out in WhatsApp’s iOS-based app.

Note that WhatsApp is also working on multiple new features, and several of these have been rolled out for its Android beta application users. For example, the View Once feature has been added to the Android beta version of WhatsApp (version In this case, if users send a picture to someone, once the receiver or recipient sees the picture, it will disappear completely from the chat. That means it will not be seen a second time. However, it will remain on until the screen is on or the image is closed, and the recipient can take a screenshot if he wants Recordings can also be done with the help of other cameras. But don’t be aware of the sender, screenshot capture, or record.

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