Facebook Data Leak: Beware, the personal information of 533 million Facebook users has been leaked

A huge data privacy breach has led to allegations that the personal information of about 533 million Facebook users in 108 countries has been leaked to low-level hacking forums; Of these, millions of Indian users are also claimed to have been victims of the incident. According to Business Insider, the leaked personal information includes information such as the user’s full name, Facebook ID, date of birth, location, bio, phone number, and even email ID.

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Alan Gall, chief technology officer at cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, exposed the Facebook data scandal on Saturday. Gall said that more than 500 million user information has been made available for free in the hacker forum as a result of a breach in Facebook’s security system. In this case, the hackers can use all this information to carry out social engineering attacks. He also expressed concern over the possibility that anyone could easily search the phone number of any other Facebook user from this data set. However, Facebook has not yet revealed how all this data came to light.

The United States and the United Kingdom are among the countries whose Facebook data has been leaked to users; These countries have released 32 million and 11 million user data, respectively. On the other hand, information of more than 6 million users has been leaked in India. User data of neighboring Bangladesh has also been leaked. The list also includes big countries like Australia, Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Palestine.

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By the way, this is not the first time that Facebook has faced this kind of scandal! Earlier in 2019, its personal database was also leaked, which was allegedly sold on the instant messaging platform Telegram for ২০ 20. Later last June we also came across such an accident. Even Facebook data was leaked again in January this year; Allen also brought up the issue of scandal at that time.