In the age of social networking, Facebook has become an integral part of our daily lives. We often share a lot of things on Facebook without proper verification. But sharing in this way can block your Facebook account.

There are some things to keep in mind so that your account is not blocked, let’s see if those things.

Shopping illegal things

Shopping for non-medical drugs and intoxicants is prohibited on Facebook. Shopping for ammunition and guns is also prohibited here. If you share a post about shopping for all of these things, your account may be immediately blocked.

Do not share violent posts or posts threatening anyone

Facebook immediately blocks users who spread violence against a person, group, or place. At the same time, no person can be threatened on the Facebook platform. It is also not possible to solicit money on Facebook, mention any particular weapon or offer to sell it with its picture. The account of the person from whom such posts will be shared will be immediately blocked.

Do not poke anyone unnecessarily

Your account may be blocked if you poke people unnecessarily.

Terrorist activity

Terrorist activities include organized hate speech, genocide or serial killing, human trafficking, organized violence, or crime. Doing this kind of activity through Facebook can remove Facebook.

In addition, Facebook may block private organizations that engage in violent activities to achieve political, religious, or other goals, or to intimidate any governmental or international organization. So if you want to save your account, do not do all these things on Facebook.