Flubot malware causes headaches for Android users, snatching bank data at the moment

Flubit malware

Flubot malware causes headaches for Android users, stealing bank data at the moment

Another name for misery is Flubot! This malicious malware is currently causing headaches for Android users in several European countries, including the UK. The situation is so bad that the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) has issued guidelines banning people from clicking on fake links. At the same time, telecom giants like Vodafone UK had to enter the arena; Each of them has repeatedly warned the public about Flubot, which is capable of snatching all our important personal information at the moment’s opportunity. So there should be a clear idea about the nature of this Flubot, with the help of which we can get rid of this malware.

What is this Flubot?

As mentioned earlier, Flubot is a malicious malware that can instantly steal confidential and important information related to our passwords, email IDs, banks, etc. Today, Android users in countries like Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Poland are feeling the threat of Flubot malware. Basically, this malware is entering our device by relying on text messages. For example, recently a text message came on the smartphone of a British person who introduced himself as a delivery company. With the message they send a link to the person clicking on the installed app or the person will get all the information related to package delivery. Clicking on that link in good faith steals all the bank information of the above person. Then came the name Flubot, which continues to deceive countless more people through the same process.

Clicking on the fake link of the fake message on the device takes us directly to a website where various third-party sources appear with various harmful Android package files (APK). Although our devices can avoid these APK files due to internal browser security, Flubot steals all the personal information of the user at that time. The malware also eats up information on our phone’s address book, according to a BBC report. Thus in the future, they continue to try to cheat by sending SMS to our acquaintances.

For the above reasons, naturally, the technology community of various countries, including Britain, has come down in an attempt to prevent the excesses of Flubot. Whether it’s an organization like NCSC in the UK or Vodafone UK, everyone is forbidding Android users to be distracted by fake messages. Especially those who have a bad habit of clicking on the link of the fake message before considering it carefully, if they are not careful then they will lose their confidential information. Not only that, in the future he may have to face many more big problems. So it would be wise not to click on any message link in the blink of an eye.

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