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10 Tower Defense Games
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Along with Bottle Royale and MMRPG, Tower Defense games have always been my best choices. Building a huge tower and defending it with your strength, your defense will never fail to bring me to the edge. Aside from the biting battle, I really like the killer strategy. So, it’s not only a comprehensive attack, it motivates you to design your plan as a positive strategist about changing tactics of the game. So, if you are looking for some classic or modern Tower Defense games that will appreciate all the tactical moves, look no further than these Top 10 Tower Defense Games for iPhone and Android.

In this roundup, I have selected a variety of tower defense games for Android and iOS. Some games are about building great towers or kingdoms and defending them from monsters, while others are about defending your village or race against enemies. What’s more, there are a few other games that combine tower defense games with fantasy to make the gameplay even more interesting. Now that you’ve got a decent amount of sneak peek, go ahead.

  1. Racial conflict

Round Kickstart is the way to go, rather than talking about the game being rated as one of the best tower defense games ever. The game is about building your wonderful village, cultivating a loyal clan, and competing in never-ending clan battles to show your strength.

Clash of Clans stands out as gameplay that leads to a strategy where you have to test all your abilities with acid. So, you should never fail to plan your game wisely keeping in view the attacks of your opponents. Whenever you win, you get money to climb the Leaderboard.

Featuring tons of towers, cannons, bombs, and traps, this game allows you to fight to your heart content. Best of all, Clash of Clans allows you to create positive PVP experiences with special live events and friendly challenges.


  •     Gameplay that leads to strategy
  •     Tons of towers, artillery, bombs, traps
  •     Special live events
  •     Friendly challenges

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  1. Plants vs. Zombies2

If you are after the game in the classic tower-defense style, you must see Plants vs Zombies. In this tower-defensive game, you must defend your plants from zombies. With 50 exciting levels with Survival mode, the game is designed to keep you entertained for hours.

Although the gameplay is very simple, thank you for the careful fight between zombie-shopping plants and persistent zombies. With more than 45 species of plants and more than 25 species of zombies, each with its own unique skill set, it’s gotten different ways to keep boredom at bay.

By the way, you need to collect as many coins and get as many wins as you can to keep the game in front of you. With coins, you can unlock power-ups to increase your chances of dominating the game and battle.


  •     Classy tower-defense style battle
  •     50 exciting levels with survival mode
  •     45 species of plants
  •     25 types of zombies
  1. The planet is green

If you want to try a slightly different tower defense game, you have to give Green the Planet a shot. In this game, your ultimate task is to decompose the comets and turn the entire planet green. When you decompose comets, you get special objects that convert spacecraft energy into energy.

Green planet

Finally, you can inject energy with the desire to make it a better place to live. More precisely, the game is about removing comets and changing the planet with energy. The main attraction of the whole gameplay is how you deal with comets.


  •     Simple and fun gameplay
  •     The removal of comets is interesting
  •     Ideal stress reliever

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  1. Country Rush

Deserves an epic tower defense game shot like Kingdom Rush, especially if you don’t want to tackle anything less than the best gameplay. The gameplay is impressive with a mix of action and fantasy. The hard-working action of fantasy ensures that the gameplay is unpredictable as it takes you forward.

Kingdom congestion

Whether it’s commanding your soldiers or engaging in cartoon battles that challenge them, Kingdom Rush requires you to fully demonstrate your senior strategy. With 8 tower upgrades, you have to be strategic when dealing with mysterious magicians, barbarians, and forest rangers.

In addition, you have more than 45 different enemies (from devils to goblins) to take part in quick boss fights. Don’t worry, Kingdom Rush has more than 50 wins to reward you every time you become a winner.


  •     Challenging cartoon wars
  •     Serious boss fights
  •     8 Tower restoration
  •     More than 50 wins
  1. Clash Royale

Another amazing tower defense game from SuperCell! If you are in a live multiplayer game (1v1, 2v2) with action-packed gameplay, Clash Royale might be a great choice. The game gives you the freedom you need to build huge towers that everyone will envy and protect them from brutal attacks from opponents.

Encounter Royal

Remember that Clash Royale (like Clash of Clans) must come up with a well thought out strategy that can challenge your opponents’ gameplay. So, if you do not plan your attack wisely, it will be very difficult to protect yourself from the enemies.

Whether it’s building the ultimate battle deck or creating a winning combat team or showcasing your skills in daily / weekly quests, you need to be careful with the game’s changing strategy. All are considered; Clash Royale has become your favorite tower defense game for iPhone and Android.


  •     Live multiplayer
  •     Action-packed gameplay
  •     Build the ultimate battle deck
  •    Daily / weekly searches
  1. Toy resistance2

If you are ready to take your tower defense gaming to battle and lead your army to victory as a general, Toy Defense will be a huge success for you. The game has three modes: PVE missions, tournaments, and PVP battles with 290 action-packed missions. It gives you the best combat experience with USA, USSR, Germany and Great Britain vehicles.

Toy Defense2

To give a real touch to the war, Toy Defense allows you to use the armies of many nations in battle. In this way, the war feels epic from the start. The game requires strategic tactical skills to be successful, so you need to plan your every strategy to perfection. In addition to gaming, Toy Defense has many options for earning attractive graphics and honorable rewards that will propel you forward in battle.


  •     290 Action Packed Missions
  •     Use the armies of many nations
  •     Vehicles from USA, USSR, and Germany
  •     Excellent graphics
  1. Castle creeps

What fascinated me most about Castle Creeps was the fantasy-driven gameplay. The game is to strengthen your defenses, and then you all set out to defend the country from a massive attack of enemies. To stay at the forefront, you can protect your country from powerful ogres and ferocious goblins by recruiting and balancing your heroes. In addition to strengthening your team of heroes, chart killer tactics that can overcome enemies.

Castle creeps

Leaving the epic battle aside, I enjoyed building, renovating, selling, and repairing towers at Castle Creeps. Make the most of your creative skills and ability to find a way to strengthen your towers despite all obstacles. Remember, your desire to be the role model savior of the country depends on two main things: how well you defend yourself from enemies and how you maintain towers in the face of extremist attacks. So, choose your moves accordingly.


  •     Fantasy driven gameplay
  •     Accept powerful warriors
  •     Hire your heroes
  •     Build, upgrade, sell and repair towers
  1. Swamp attack

How about participating in a long shot to show off your heroes to the fullest? Swamp attack means defending your home from attacking monsters with a variety of guns and grenades. Tower Defense Game Challenge Mode feature, you can get the most out of being a shooter. With the exciting multiplayer mode, you get the chance to set your action-packed shooting apart from the rest.

Swamp attack

Swamp Attack has 8 Power-Pack episodes with 39 power single player levels and 40 multiplayer levels. As each level has so many curves and patterns, your shooting will continue to be a beautiful experience.

One of my best choices in this game is the collection of defense equipment such as the careless minigun, atomic bomb, and shotgun, which play an important role in protecting yourself from serious attack. Also, the opportunity to equip yourself with bombs and guns and increase your energy levels is just as exciting. Overall, Swamp Attack is one of the best tower defense games for Android and iOS.


  •     Action pack shooting
  •     8 Power-Packed Episodes
  •     390 single player levels
  •     Collection of protective equipment
  •     40 multiplayer levels
  1. Blues TD Wars

The never-ending war between the monkeys is an interesting reference to the blues TD fights. There are more than 20 custom head-to-head combat tracks in multiplayer combat that play a key role in enhancing combat. Additionally, there are three different modes: Attack Mode, Defensive Mode, and Battle Mode.

Blues fight TD

In attack mode, you have to control your defense and send the blues directly over your opponents. In defense mode, you have to play skillfully to avoid attacks from enemies. On the battlefield, you need to get everything from a high-level attack. What’s more, Blues TD battles allow you to customize your blues with decals and achieve fun wins.


  •     A never-ending war between monkeys
  •     Exciting multiplayer fight
  •     Three different game modes
  •     Customize your blues with decals
  1. Steampunk resistance

SteamPunk Defense has all the ingredients to improve your Tower Defense gaming. For starters, the gameplay demonstrates that you have to defend your land against powerful attackers. So, you have no choice but to build a strong team of shooters, snipers, and ice towers. Once your team is ready, you can start the fight to defend your independence.

Steampunk resistance

The choice to fight in different climates such as tropical islands, deserts, and mountains make steampunk defense attractive. The game has 24 defensive levels and a challenging multiplayer mode that allows you to fight with other players. Overall, SteamPunk Defense is the main tower defense game you want to play on your iOS or Android device.


  •     Reversing gameplay
  •     Multiple environments
  •     24 levels of protection
  •     Multiplayer mode is challenging

The best tower defense games for Android and iOS are lined up for you

Go there! Thus, our article ends with the most popular Tower Defense games for iOS and Android. I chose each game keeping in mind the different tastes, so finding the right TD is very easy for you. I like to take modern tower defense games, I really like the classic tower defense games that require killer strategy.

By the way, what is your favorite TD and what kind of features would you like to see in your best options? Also, sprinkle some beans on the deserving competitors you think will get a chance in this roundup.


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