Good news for Facebook Messenger and Instagram users, a bunch of new features including scene status

Facebook Messenger and Instagram users, a bunch of new features including scene status

Good news for Facebook Messenger and Instagram users, a bunch of new features including scene status

If you are a Messenger or Instagram user, there is great news for you! Because the social media giant Facebook has come up with a bunch of new fun messaging features for these two apps under it. Messenger and Instagram users will soon get two new chat themes, hands-free audio recording, hands-free audio recording, and many new features like scene status. Let’s find out about these new features for Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Chat Theme:

Users on both Messenger and Instagram platforms will now get their chat windows – two new chat themes based on the story of Star Wars and Netflix’s Selena: The Series. To enable this new feature, users need to switch to the ‘Theme’ option in the chat settings in the app (chat settings> Theme).

Instagram Visual Reply:

Now let’s come to the Instagram feature. The era of sending plain text or stickers to the message box is over, as Instagram has introduced a ‘visual reply’ feature for its users. Users can use this new feature in the message box as well as in the story section. In addition, if users want to send another image or video in reply, that feature will also be available in the relevant feature. In addition, the visual reply feature will first be launched on iOS devices and then soon it will be rolled out on Android devices as well, Facebook said.

Instagram Seen Status:

Another feature called ‘Scene Status’ has just been introduced on the Instagram platform, where users can check if the message they have sent has been snipped. For example, if someone opens the message you sent, the text “seen” will appear on the screen and “seen now” or “seen 7h ago” will appear to indicate when it was seen. Instead of typing ‘active status’ at the top of the chat window, status scene information will now be shown.

Messenger Hands-Free Audio Recording:

In a busy life, people have so little time that they are now addicted to voice massage instead of text messaging. In that case, Facebook-owned Messenger has made this voice message feature even more advanced. As a result, users can record voice messages in hands-free mode by tapping once. Facebook has informed that the feature will be brought to Instagram in some time.

Messenger Archived Chats Folder:

Facebook had earlier launched a messaging feature called “swipe to archive” for the convenience of users in the Messenger app. Now, Facebook has introduced a new folder called ‘Archived Chats’ in the Messenger app, so that users can find all the messages in the archive from one place.

Messenger Sticker Pack:

Users are always excited about the feature as well as the sticker pack. In that case, Facebook recently rolled out a new camera sticker representing the Asian and Pacific Islanders or API community, which will be available in the Messenger and Messenger Kids app.

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