‘Anti Tracking Tool’ is available on Android Also

android anti tracking tool

Apple recently released iOS 14.5. Apple has brought app tracking transparency tool for the privacy of the user. This feature has been introduced to allow people to accept or ignore online tracking apps and websites without their permission.

Meanwhile, Google is also preparing to bring a similar privacy feature (anti-tracking) in its Android operating system.

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If such tools are developed on Android, it has been analyzed that it will embarrass the apps and websites that make money by tracking people’s desires and showing various online ads.

There are growing complaints that some apps are monitoring users’ privacy and collecting confidential information through various advertisements.

Google itself is a company called for digital advertising. It is earning billions from users of Android devices through advertising.

If an anti-tracking tool is developed, it will tell the user whether or not to give permission when collecting or sharing information from the app.

It has been said that many people will ban online monitoring apps and websites, which will hurt the apps that earn a lot of money through ads.

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This tool is said to block apps and websites that make money by showing various online ads as per the desire of the people.

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