Google Meet Down: Unable to join Google Meet, meeting around the world

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Google Meet Down: Unable to join Google Meet, meeting around the world

Google Meet Down: A few days ago, the news of the temporary shutdown of social networking sites like WhatsApp and Facebook caused quite a stir. Hundreds of people took to Twitter to express their frustration at not being able to use these apps. In that case, a few months later, the most widely used video calling medium, Google Meet, seems to have a problem. In fact, since the Corona epidemic situation is not normal, you still have to rely on Google’s Meet platform to keep reading or activities active. Tech giant Google has also extended its free meeting time, taking into account people’s reliance on the platform. But since this morning there has been a massive problem during video meetings from this platform. It has been alleged that during the meeting today, the calls of the participants were repeatedly cut off and even if they rejoined, the meeting could not be run smoothly.

This problem is seen in Google Meet from around 8 am. But after 9 o’clock the intensity of the problem increases. Various online classes starting from that time were disrupted; The leave-join of the participants continues. Initially it was thought to be a network problem, but later it became commonplace. Let me tell you, both people who use Google Meet or Gmail have problems. Although there is no news that this happened to the hosts of the meeting, it is claimed that they did not listen to the participants properly.

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Already on the real time information provider site Downdetector, a lot of people have reported problems with Google Meet today. In this case, not only in West Bengal or India, but also users in other parts of the world are considered to be the victims of this incident. Downdetector reported that more than 63 percent of the people could not attend the meeting properly, with about 16 percent complaining that they could not start the meeting. Also, as soon as you start typing the words ‘Google Meet’ in Google’s search option, the suggestion ‘Google Meet problems today’, ‘Google Meet issue’ is coming up as a national topic trending. Many have even posted on Twitter about this.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Even Google itself has not opened its mouth on this issue. Although many are claiming it is a server problem. Hopefully, this mystery will unravel in the next few hours, so that we can find out the real reason for the meeting disruption.

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