Windows 11 will be presented on June 24? What are the expectations from Microsoft

Windows 11

Windows 11 will be presented on June 24? What are the expectations from Microsoft

Microsoft may introduce a new version of the Windows operating system this month. Changes can also be made in the user interface with some new features.

Windows operating system is quite popular all over the world. But it does not change every year like macOS. Updates keep coming, features are also added, but changes in the user interface or in the name do not happen every year.

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Windows 10 was launched in 2015 i.e. five years ago and since then only Windows 10 is running. Now it seems that the company is ready to launch a new version of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft has said that Next will introduce Windows on June 24. Although this is only a hint, because clearly the company has not cleared it. Last week Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also hinted during the Build conference.

Talking about Next Generation Windows, it is expected that this time the company can present Windows with a new user interface with Windows 11 or any other name. Satya Nadella recently also said that soon he will tell about the big update of Windows.

What will be special in the new Windows version?

As far as the next generation Windows is concerned, this time the company can make some changes in the user interface. It is also worth noting that most of the times when the company has tried to completely replace Windows, the users have not liked it.

There is little hope of a complete change in the design…

Because of this, it would be wrong to expect that the entire user interface and design will be changed this time. We have examples like Windows 8 and Windows Vista which proved to be a kind of flop operating system for the company.

This is also the reason why the company does not make major changes in its operating system every year. However, this time some new features can be found which will be ground breaking.

Better sync with Android…

This time in the new version of Windows, a better feature of sync with Android can be found. There is still such a feature to say, but it is of no use.

Talking about the design and interface, no change will be seen in the start menu, but some buttons and icons will definitely be changed. Apart from this, the company will also pay attention to the widgets.

As far as Microsoft Store is concerned, it is not used much, especially in India. The reason behind this is that it is slow. Therefore, this time big changes can be seen in Microsoft Store as well.

Features of Windows 10X..

If you remember Windows 10X, then this is a light version operating system introduced by the company. It was introduced as a rival to Chrome.

In Windows 11 (likely name), you will get to see many features of Windows 10X. Changes will also be seen in File Explorer. Big changes are also expected in the icons of Windows.

It is worth noting that Microsoft had also told Windows 10 as the last version of Windows. In such a situation, if Windows 11 is launched, then it will definitely be a bit surprising.

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