Google new feature, information related to the corona vaccine will be found here


Google new feature, information related to the corona vaccine will be found here

Google new feature, information related to the corona vaccine will be found here

Corona has created an outcry across the country. In such a situation, many companies are coming forward to help in this. Tech companies are also launching new features about this. Now the name of tech giant Google has also been added to it. You can easily see COVID-19 related searches like vaccine and their registration on Google.

The company has announced this feature on Monday. With this feature, Google will show users the information related to the COVID-19 vaccine and registration. The company is also working on adding some new features to Google Maps.

With this feature, users will be informed on the basis of critical resources such as hospital beds and medical oxygen crowd-sourced information on Google Maps across the country. Google also said that it is helping non-profit organizations such as GiveIndia, Charities Aid Foundation India, GOONJ, and United Way of Mumbai to raise funds.

The most important feature that has been released by the company, it has to give support to fight COVID-19. When users search for the vaccine on Google Search, they will also be given much more information. This will include details like vaccine safety, side effects, registration. On this, a link will also be given to go to the Cowin portal for registration of the corona vaccine.

In addition to the latest updates about the vaccine on Google Search, details such as self-care, treatment, rescue will also be given. This information will be visible to the users only when they search for COVID-19. In this, all the details will be shown on the basis of information received from the authorized medical source and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Last year also Google released some such features. In this, users on Google can easily search the nearby test center. Recently Google created a Doodle to promote vaccination on its page.

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