Google Pixel 6 will spoil the market of the iPhone 13 series in this way!!


Google Pixel 6 will spoil the market of the iPhone 13 series in this way!!

Google Pixel 6 will spoil the market of the iPhone 13 series in this way

There will be a tough competition between the Pixel 6 series and iPhone 13 series. From the amount of information that has come out about both smartphones so far, it is clear that this time Pixel 6 will spoil the market of the latest iPhone.

Apple has announced its special event. There will be an online event on September 14 in which the company will launch the iPhone 13 series. After Apple, Google will also launch its flagship Pixel 6 by October.

Right now we have leaked pictures of the iPhone 13 series, while Google has already released the official pictures of the Pixel 6 series. Google has also told about some interesting features given in Pixel 6.

Apple fans may not see some major changes in the design of the iPhone 13 this time. The pictures have been leaked and looking at them, it seems that the company has not done much work on the design. So the design will definitely disappoint Apple fans.

Lack of craze for iPhone, boring design.

For the last few years, the craze about the iPhone is not seen as before. The reason is that now something is not available in the iPhone which is not in other smartphones. Since iPhones are very expensive, in such a situation, the user expects that if you buy an iPhone by paying so much money, then there should be something in it that is not available in other smartphones.

Even there is not much difference in the look of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. It is difficult to differentiate from the backside. In such a situation, even with the iPhone 13, the company has not done much work on the design. So the design will definitely disappoint Apple fans.

Google says goodbye to boring design with Pixel 6

Google, on the other hand, has made the biggest change in the design so far with the Pixel 6. Earlier, Google was launching Pixel smartphones with boring designs, but this time it looks great and Pixel fans are quite excited about it.

As far as the hardware is concerned, every year Apple says at its iPhone launch event that ‘this is the most powerful smartphone ever. This line will once again be heard from the mouth of Tim Cook in this event. You will get the best processor and the phone will be very fast.
But isn’t the iPhone 12 fast? If you use iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, do you feel that the phone needs to be faster? Or do you think that the iPhone should be launched with a new design and such features should be given in it which are not available in other smartphones? Well, this is your choice.

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For the first time, Google will give its chipset in Pixel.

Apple has been putting its chipset in the iPhone for a long time. But Google Bar is going to use its own tensor chipset with the Pixel 6 series. Obviously, this is the company’s first mobile chipset, so Google will leave no stone unturned to make it faster than the iPhone 13.

Let’s talk about the camera system given in iPhone 13. This time too, three rear cameras will be available in the top model of the iPhone 13 series. Google usually gives only one camera, but this time will be the first time when seven three rear cameras of Pixel 6 will be given. It will be available in the top model.

Pixel’s camera hit even earlier, this time more cameras in Pixel

Pixel smartphones are considered great for photography. When Google has impressed people around the world with photography by giving a rear camera, it is quite obvious what Google is going to do with three cameras. It is reported to have a 50-megapixel main sensor, 12 megapixels ultrawide, and 48-megapixel telephoto lens.

From this, it comes out that the Pixel 6 is going to give a tough competition to the iPhone 13 not only in the design but also in the camera department. Many features will be available in the iPhone 13 series regarding Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Google’s big promises about Augmented Reality and AI

Google has also promised that with the Pixel 6 the focus will be on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. In Pixel smartphones, the company gives top-notch software experience and something similar is going to happen this time too.

On the other hand, for the last two years, Apple has been copying the features of Android in its iOS. The new feature is widgets, which the company is copying from Android in a way. The new feature is widgets which the company has copied from Android in a way. Apart from this, some new features have been given in the new version of iOS, but none of them is groundbreaking.

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120Hz refresh rate will be given in Pixel 6 Pro and the company will use an OLED display. Similarly, support for 120Hz refresh is also going to be available in iPhone 13 Pro. In this case, both smartphones are going to be the same.

Talking about the price, the prices of the iPhone 13 series will be slightly higher than the Pixel 6 series. But the price of the top model of the iPhone 13 is going to be much more than the top model of Pixel 6.

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