Koo is becoming Hindi’s number one micro-blogging platform, claims the company


Koo is Becoming Hindi's number one Micro-blogging Platform

Koo claims that 50 lakh people talk in Hindi on it. This micro-blogging site has grown very fast. The company has said that Hindi content posts are almost double on this as compared to other microblogging sites.

India-based microblogging and social media platform Koo has said that 50 percent of its 10 million users interact in Hindi. Due to this, it is a good choice for regional language users. Koo’s spokesperson said that most people talk in Hindi about this. With this, it connects people on the basis of language.

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Hindi users on Koo have grown by almost 80 percent in the last four months. Koos in Hindi has almost doubled during this period.

It has been told in many reports that the Indian Internet user base can cross the billion mark in the next 5-6 years. In this, regional language users will grow much faster than English users. Let us tell you that Koo was launched to compete with Twitter.

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It has become very popular too. Chief Ministers of many states and leaders of many parties are also present on this. Apart from this, many Bollywood actors are also present on it.

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