Here is the reason behind the most controversial feature on the iPhone


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Here is the reason behind the most controversial feature on the iPhone

Apple has unveiled the most controversial feature on iOS so far. Even if the feature is downloaded to the phone, users will not get much change in their phone.

Apple has also introduced the ‘App Tracking Transparency‘ (ATT) feature along with the iOS 14.5 update on the iPhone. Apple has introduced this feature to allow advertisers to track users as they switch between different apps on their devices.

Apple has argued that with the help of this app, user privacy protection will be strengthened. After installing the app on the phone, a dialog box appears. The box gives the user two options to stay out of the tracking or let it be tracked.

If they choose to stay out of the tracking, they will not be tracked by the ads

But even before the feature went public, it became very controversial, so the release date was postponed for months. Not only that, but this anti-tracking feature has caused public tension between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

So now the whole advertising industry is against Apple with this feature. But Facebook seems to be lagging behind Apple. Facebook even accused Apple of increasing its profits by pretending to protect users’ privacy.

But no matter how controversial the feature is, Facebook will have to follow Apple’s rules to run its iOS version of the app.

Craig Frederick, Apple’s chief software officer, said in November that the new feature was part of Apple’s long-standing commitment to protecting privacy.

Not only this, but other new features are also coming in iOS in the same update. One of them is the feature of unlocking the iPhone from the watch while wearing the mask. These features can make a huge difference in your daily life.

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