Here’s how to access Netflix’s new ‘Play Something’ feature on TV


Here’s how to access Netflix’s new ‘Play Something’ feature on TV

Netflix recently launched the new ‘Play Something’ feature. It has been made available to all users. On accessing this feature, Netflix automatically shows a list of its selected content. A button has been provided in the UI of the streaming service for this feature.

Netflix uses its algorithm to automatically select good content to your liking. Netflix will start showing a film or series as soon as you click on the Play Something button. This content will resemble your previously viewed content.

This feature will play any new series or film and also the content that you have not finished. However, you will not see the movies or series that you have seen. As soon as this feature will be on. Netflix will index it at the border of the screen. Also, a button will also appear in the right side.

You will also be able to press the ‘Play Something Else’ button to move to a next series or film. At the same time, to return to normal browsing, you have to press the Exit button from the top left corner of the screen. This new button will be seen in many places in the Netflix app. When you log in, it will appear below your profile, on the left-side of the navigation bar and in the text row of the Netflix homepage.

Here’s how to access Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ feature on TV:

1. You can use the Play Something option on the first page of your Netflix dashboard. You will see this under your profile.

2. You can select the Play Something option by going to the top of your Netflix home page and scroll till you get the content of your choice.

3. Find it on the left side navigation menu of the screen. You will also find this in the text row of the Netflix homepage. If you don’t like the content, select Play Something Else.

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