New feature came in Twitter, people have been waiting for this for a long time



New feature came in Twitter, people have been waiting for this for a long time

An improvement has been made in Twitter. You can also consider this as a new feature. Generally, the pictures shared on Twitter are seen halfway when you see them on the feed. They have to click to see the full. Now this will not happen. Because a new feature has arrived.

Twitter’s new feature will now also support 4K image quality. That is, now 4K photos can also be uploaded to Twitter and can be downloaded in that resolution.

The company has said that now users will not see the cropped image. That is, in the Twitter feed, users will see the full image, not see cropped. This feature is being released for both Android and iPhone users.

Twitter has announced this by posting a post with its handle. This post reads, no bird to avoid, no crop to short. There is also a picture of a long necked bird which is seen in full. If this picture was posted earlier, only the neck would have been seen.

Twitter has posted two pictures here, in one, only that bird’s neck is visible, while in the second image the whole bird is seen. This feature will be good for those people who share more images on Twitter and share high quality images.

Talking about another report related to Twitter, the company has released Twitter Spaces for all users in India. However, in other countries, users with less than 600 followers cannot use Spaces in other countries.

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