How Do I Recover Lost Contacts In Photos From An Android

A quick and easy way to restore contacts & photos from an android phone will be shown in this article.

If you all have taken some easy ways to back up all your contacts using Gmail and Google Drive, and many other applications, then it would be a quick and better way. Here are some more options that may help you in a more easy way if you don’t have these things. The most useful reason for using a mobile phone is due to our contacts.

Be sure that the contacts are not hidden on your mobile phone.

The first way to bring back contacts is to simply check the settings of the contact app. A single wrong operation might stop your contacts to be shown in the contact list.

If something like this happens, you can find them back with the help of configuring settings of your contacts.

  1. Open Contacts on your smartphone
  2. Click on “Menu” located on the upper right corner.
  3. On the opened menu, click on “Contacts to Display”
  4. There are a list of options, to how you want to display the contacts, click “All Contacts”
  5. Then, all of your contacts would be displayed on your Contacts list.

If settings are already enabled and lost numbers are not displayed, then the process will be a little bit hard. But your problem can be solved. However, there are a lot of applications that can restore your contacts as well as they can be used to retrieve the contacts deleted from your phone’s memory. Let see, how it is done!

To restore contacts deleted from your android phone, at first you have to download something. Download Android Contacts Recovery and install it on your PC or Laptop.

Then follow these rules. Or you can follow the user instructions here:

1. Launch this application and connect it with your android to your PC or Laptop through a USB cable.
2. Enable Debug mode on your mobile
3. In your next step, you will get a page asking which files would you like to scan in the phone memory. Check your contacts and proceed.

4. Then you all have to root your smartphone using a built-in rooting tool.
5. When the rooted is finished, your software will be deeply scanned for the memory and all scanned files will be displayed on the screen.

6. Select the contacts you need to restore, click the Restore button and you’re off.


So, these are the two chosen methods. To prevent these same things in the future, it would be a better way to create a backup copy of your contacts list, whether you can save it anywhere like syncing your contacts to your Google account or Gmail. So if you have any more methods or new ways then please share it with us in the comment box given below.