Apple Event 2020

Apple’s September event is finally upon us, but it’s different from the others we have experienced. This year’s Timeflies event will be all-virtual due to the ongoing epidemic, but for the first time in more than a decade, the annual September showcase will not focus on new iPhones.

Instead, the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4 are expected to be Apple’s marquee products for the day, bringing big updates to the company’s flagship smartwatch and tablet. The Apple Ace in the hole this afternoon could be the Apple Watch SE, which is rumored to offer an experience similar to the Apple Watch 5 at a lower price.

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10:45 am: Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE both appear on B&H’s website with last-minute leaks. Meanwhile, investment bank Wedbush hopes the new products will serve as a “drum roll” for Apple’s October iPhone event.

10:30 am: Despite serious rumors and action surrounding the iPhone 12 at today’s event, you need to keep your expectations in check. Here is why.

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9:30 a.m .: With only a few hours left until the big show, the virtual tom’s guide is expected to be seen by those around the office.

Kate Koch, Staff Writer: “Let’s take these new Apple watches. The Apple Watch SE is going to completely shake up the cheap smartwatch category.”

Henry T. Casey, editor: “Frighten Amazon. Fire tablets need a real competitor from Apple.”

Kate: “Actually take it back, let’s see the new homepod!”

Marshall Honoroff, editor: “Can they at least mention how Apple TV + works? To announce a valuable show or to reassure people that it still exists.”

Kelly Woo, Staff Writer: “I’m interested in the Apple One bundle. If it’s cheap, I might be tempted to extend my Apple TV + trial.”

I personally hope for some updates around the Apple Arcade, especially if this service is part of the Apple One. Arcade has seen some great releases recently, including Samurai Jack: Bottle Through Time and The Last Campfire, but what’s the killer app for new players subscribing?

8:51 am: While the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4 are getting a lot of headlines, the Apple Watch SE is the most exciting on the whole show. Here’s our breakdown of the watch’s leaked specs, which represents the Apple Watch 5-style device with a similar interior and lower price. It feels a lot like the iPhone SE we got this year and we are totally on board.

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8:31 a.m .: Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman sets last-minute expectations for the Apple Watch 6. If you expect a massive recovery, you will be disappointed.

I’m not looking for a newton with the Apple Watch Series 6 along with a blood oxygen monitor and a faster processor. September 15, 2020

8:05 a.m .: It’s fine now. Tweets with the #AppleEvent hashtag have a custom Apple Watch Heart animation when you click a similar button. Try it out in the tweet below.

Like the #AppleEventTry image and see the animation of the icon. Apple is taking its marketing to a different level, which is strange. September 15, 2020

8:00 a.m .:This time Apple Store is down for maintenance. This usually happens during the event days and signifies the arrival of new products.

7:40 a.m .: This is not an Apple event without last-minute leaks. One of them came from the famous tipster Evan Blas, who confirmed the specs of the iPad Air 4, iPad 8, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE.

7:20 am: Quickly find out what to expect today:

READ  What we will get in the Apple Watch Series 6 & iPad 4 - Leaked News, Features, Price

Apple Watch 6: Apple’s new flagship watch is expected to bring Blood Oxygen Monitoring (SpO2) into the mix, as well as Sleep Tracking via Watch OS7.

Apple Watch SE: Inexpensive Apple Watch The key features of the Apple Watch 5 when taken at a more affordable price.

IPad Air 4: A14 processor with new iPad Air and USB C with a design similar to the iPad Pro.

IPad 8: A12X’s sequel to Apple’s most popular iPad.

7:00 a.m .: We all sat down for the big show! It turned out that finding a place for a virtual event was very easy.