How do you download apps from the Google Play Store from other countries


How do you download apps from the Google Play Store from other countries

How do you download apps from the Google Play Store from other countries?

Almost everyone knows about downloading favorite apps from Google Play Store. Therefore, there is no need to train anyone separately. But do you know how to download apps from other countries from Google Play Store? In fact, when using the Google Play Store, it tracks our location according to the Play Store settings. The matter of this location is very important. This is because after installing the application, we have to provide the exact location information to make the bill. Moreover, different features can be noticed in the apps available in the Google Play Store for different countries. Accurate location is also required for access to those features or facilities.

Now suppose you want to download the app from the Play Store of any country besides your own country. That is why there is no point in having to travel to that country all the time. By changing your IP address, you can easily access the Play Store according to your location in another country. That means in this case you have to take the help of a VPN. How? Below is his description.

First, let’s change the in-app settings and see how to change the location

1. To do this, open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

2. Select Account from the left menu and select Settings and General options respectively.

3. Now select Account and Device Preferences. Here you can see the Country and Profiles section. This will show the country name according to the location of your current account.

4. From here you can choose the country of your choice.

What to do to change the country using VPN

1. Choose a reliable VPN Service. This will give you access to the geo-restricted applications available in the Google Play Store. In this case, you can resort to NordVPN or VPNMaster. These work quickly with reliability.

2. Clear your data from the Google Play Store.

3. Connect to the VPN server of the country or region where you want to change location.

4. Now change your location according to the server in the Play Store.

5. Install and use the application as you wish.

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