Finally, Instagram is bringing this much-awaited feature, which will be of great benefit to everyone


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Finally, Instagram is bringing this much-awaited feature, which will be of great benefit to everyone

The wait was long. All Instagram users wanted the ability to post photos and videos from the desktop browser. The social media platform, which is owned by Facebook, has been experimenting with this feature for several months. This feature is finally going to be rolled out to everyone soon.

Photos and videos can also be posted on Instagram from the desktop

Needless to say, Instagram is currently one of the most powerful social media and its popularity among all users is extremely high. Especially those who post photos. And nowadays, the popularity of Instagram is on the rise among those who make videos.

For the convenience of all these, Instagram is going to officially roll out this most requested feature. Now the facility to post photos or videos from the desktop web browsers is also being brought. Undoubtedly it will be a great convenience for all users. As a result, the Instagram account is not limited to Android and iOS applications. Learn how to use this feature now that it has been rolled out.

How to use this feature?

To use this feature, you must first open your Instagram account in a web browser. Then you will see a + icon next to the messenger icon at the very top right. You have to click on that icon. The next page will be given the option to upload photos or videos. You have to select it. Then you will get the option to choose its size, format, and filter option along with it.

There will also be an edit option. Finally, add the captions you need and have the option to add locations if needed. When everything is complete, click on the share option. Then the photo will be uploaded to Instagram. It doesn’t just stop there. Instagram is bringing some more new features to enhance the benefits of collaboration. Which we found very interesting.

One of the features is Collab. This allows you to collaborate with others and share your Instagram posts. But to use this feature, you have to invite each other first. That can be done from the tagging screen of Instagram. In addition to this, many more new updates related to fundraising will be rolled out soon. This allows you to select any nonprofit organization and post about fundraising in the Instagram feed.

When will these features be rolled out?

It is learned that all these features will start rolling out from tomorrow, i.e. from October 21. Gradually it will be rolled out to Instagram users all over the world.

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