[2021] How to change my profile picture on Instagram on App, iPhone, Android, Computer


How to Change Profile Picture On Instagram How do I change my profile image? Here we are sharing a step-by-step guide that how to change profile picture on Instagram and other important things that you should consider. What do you think about your profile picture on Instagram, is it good enough? If you’re not getting user engagements, then you should change your picture. How you gonna do that?

71% of US businesses use Instagram; It is highly valuable for businesses. Your photo is the first thing that the user sees in your account, so choose it wisely. Remember your first impression is the last impression so make your account attractive.

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How to change profile picture on Instagram

Want to change your picture, these are some simple steps you have to go through.

  • Open Instagram App

Instagram App

  • Go to your account

Instagram profile

  • Click on edit profile (under bio)

edit profile Instagram

  • Tap on the change profile photo

And you have some other options as well.

  • Take a photo from your device camera

Take a photo

  • Remove your current profile picture

remove current profile

  • Import a photo from Facebook to use

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  • Choose from your camera roll

Choose from your camera roll

Are you confused about choosing a picture? Don’t worry, I’ll make these things easy for you. First of all, consider what type of account do you have? If it is a personal account you should have a good image of yourself, or if It is for business purposes or a brand of any other name so you should have a brand logo. But the logo and bio must look professional. We recommend your image. However, if the logo is a must so be sure it fits in the circle.

Size and Dimensions

Before changing your Instagram picture, you have to know about the dimensions of the image. Be sure to upload an image that is clear and high-quality. The profile photo displays 110 x 110 px on mobile devices and 180 x 180 px on desktop. If you’re uploading an image in the square so 1:1 aspect ratio will be good. Do not use an off-centered image and be sure It fits in the circle.

Crop or Resize Your Photo Before Uploading

Before uploading you should consider these things: prepare your image as Instagram require. Resize if necessary, 200 x 200 works excellent. And do not upload a photo that is more than 500 x 500. And double-check that photo is well-centered.

How You Can Preview Profile Pictures in Full-size

If you’re thinking about to view profile pictures in full-size, you’ll need a web browser. You can’t see the full-size image on the app. You’ll need to do the following steps.

  • Open the account in the app that you want to view

open your Instagram Profiles

  • Copy the link of the account and paste it into the web browser

click the link of the instagram account

  • Tap and hold the image to view it fully

Tap and hold the image to view it fully


Many people don’t know how to properly change the Instagram account photos. So I had shared here the full guide and some pro tips with you. Hope you like to read and let me know, comment below!