How to complain a Facebook Post, if you having trouble with a post on Facebook

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When Facebook was launched, this social media platform only used to connect people. But these days many people are complaining that Facebook is more popular only for Fake News and inflammatory posts. If you are also troubled by such objectionable posts for some time, then you need not worry about it. Now you will be able to feel free to complain about objectionable posts on this social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. The best thing is that now your complaint will be heard by an independent board, which is not belongs to Facebook or Instagram.

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Facebook and Instagram users can complain

The Independent Monitoring Board announced on Tuesday that it would begin accepting complaints from Facebook and Instagram users who believe the company allowed harmful content to be served on its platform. The board will review post content, status updates, photos, videos, comments and share content.

Facebook has to accept the board’s independent decision. This 20-member monitoring board was formed last year. In January, the Monitoring Board made 17 recommendations based on 6 cases to improve content moderation for Facebook.

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Director of Monitoring Board Administration Thomas Hughes said, “Enabling users to appeal to remove harmful content from Facebook is an important extension of the oversight board’s capabilities.” The Monitoring Board will issue a Reference ID in the coming weeks. Users with ID can formally appeal for independent review.

Hughes said in a statement, “The board was formed to ensure that better decisions on the most important content can be delivered through an independent and transparent process.” This board works to protect human rights and freedom of expression.

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Since October 2020, users have been able to appeal to the monitoring board about the content. The board has received appeals from thousands of users and thousands of public comments so far.

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