How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone and Android easily

The most important thing about a WhatsApp call is that it is not easily recorded. Apart from this, if your WhatsApp account has been created by the number that has been closed, then the person does not know your real number during the call. Taking advantage of this, many officials discuss bribery through WhatsApp calls. People of criminal nature also talk through WhatsApp calls which they do not want to be recorded. However, you can record these calls. We are telling you about how to record Whatsapp calls on iPhone and Android with easy way today.

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How to record Whatsapp call in iphone?

To record WhatsApp calls to the iPhone, you will need a Mac system and a different phone. First connect your iPhone to the Mac system via cable. If this is your first time connecting the phone to the system, select the option of Trust This Computer. Now open the Quick Settings in the system and go to File. Select the option of New Audio Recording here. Select iPhone and record it in Quick Time. Now make a WhatsApp call on this phone from your other phone, your call will start being recorded. Call anyone from other phone and connect with this call. Your whole thing will be recorded in the computer.

How to record WhatsApp call in Android phone?

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To record WhatsApp call in Android phone, first of all go to Google Play Store and download the Cube Call Recorder app. After installing this app, open it and complete setup. This setup is not very difficult. Even the common man can do it very easily. Now open WhatsApp and call anyone. During the call, if you see the widget of the cube call then your call is being recorded. If you do not see this widget, then it is not working in your phone. However, third party apps are not very reliable. Install this app in your own risk and use it.

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