How to enable Driving Mode of Google’s new feature comes to India, it will be easy to call and message while driving

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Messaging or calling someone while driving is quite dangerous. However, a lot of people around the world do this and endanger the lives of themselves and others. Google has now come up with a feature that will make it a little easier for users to receive calls and reply to messages while driving a car.

According to Google’s support page, Google Assistant driving mode is being released in Google Maps for Android users in India. This feature was previously only available to the US. Now it is being made available in some other countries like Singapore, Australia, Great Britain and India.

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Google has written on the support page that users will be able to send and receive calls and text using voice. In addition, users will also be able to review new messages in a quick manner. Google has said that through the driving mode, users will get the facility that they can do all this without leaving the navigation screen.

Google Assistant will read the new messages to the users, so that their attention is on the road and they do not have to look on the phone. Android users will also receive alerts for incoming calls and users will be able to cut or receive these calls only through voice commands.

How to use the driving mode through Google Assistant

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Google says that using the driving mode is quite easy. Users only have to open Google Maps and turn on navigation for a destination. Then a pop of driving mode will be seen on the screen and it has to be tapped. There is another way to this.

For this, users have to go to Assistant Settings in their Android phones or say ‘Hey Google, Open Assistant Settings’. After this, going to ‘Transportation’, you have to select the driving mode and turn it on. This feature is currently available only for Android phones with version 9.0 or above with 4GB of RAM.

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