Beware, mobile cyber attacks have increased by 845 times this year

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There is no need to say anything new about cyber attacks these days. This cyber attack has become an integral part of daily news. We have recently come across a sensational study on this subject. The survey found that Indian companies have seen an 845 per cent increase in cyber attacks on their employees’ Smartphone’s since October 2020. The number of ‘work from home’ cases in the country has naturally increased due to the Kovid-19 epidemic and the number of mobile malware attacks is also expected to increase at a huge rate.

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According to a report by Cyber ​​Security Firm Check Point, the total number of mobile attacks on Indian companies in 2020 was 1,345 and in March this year it reached 12,619. Last year, hackers used a large international corporation’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to spread malware to more than 75 mobile phones in its system, prompting a deadly attack on researchers. The survey found that about 97 percent of companies are currently being attacked by hackers.

The most important thing to note is that in 48 percent of cases, employees of an organization download a malicious mobile software app, and in 40 percent of cases, they are inherently victims of cyber attacks by companies.

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The report added that in 2020, almost every organization was attacked at least once. Ninety-three percent of these attacks originated on a device network that used a infected website or URL to persuade a user to install a malicious payload, or to steal a user’s credentials. According to the report, malware is often hidden in apps that claim to provide information about Covid-19. Through these apps, hackers are spreading multiple mobile malware, including Mobile Remote Access Trojans (MRATs), Banking Trojans and Premium Dialers.

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