Corona Vaccine Update 2021 in Whatsapp | How to find Corona Vaccine Center through WhatsApp

How to find Corona Vaccine Center through WhatsApp

How to find Corona Vaccine Center through WhatsApp

How to find Corona Vaccine Center through WhatsApp – The coronavirus is re-emerging this year; As a result, people across the country are in dire straits. However, almost everyone is fighting shoulder to shoulder to deal with this dilemma. Vaccination programs are also in full swing. In this case, a government platform called Co-WIN has all the information or registration options available for vaccination. However, the central government has also launched a special WhatsApp service to make vaccination information more accessible to Indians. According to reports, the government has launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp, which users can use to find the nearest immunization center. For this, those who are interested just need to message 9013151515 by typing ‘Namaste’ or visit the website.

Please be informed that in a tweet post yesterday, MyGov India has officially announced this special facility. The tweet said the WhatsApp service would be powered by a chatbot that would give users automatic feedback. However, to find the nearest Covid vaccination center, you need to enter the six-digit pin code in your area. The helpdesk will support Hindi and English – but will have English as the default language. In this case, one can change the language to Hindi by typing the word ‘Hindi’.

Note that in addition to the list of vaccination centers from this WhatsApp chatbot, links to the registration of the Covid-19 ticker can also be found. In fact, from May 1, all citizens of the country (18 years of age or older) are being vaccinated. It is believed that the service was launched to make the program more accessible. As you probably know, to register for the coronavirus vaccine, you need to take the help of Cowin website, Arogya Setu app and Covid-service portal of UMANG app.

In this context, let me remind you that the Government of India launched WhatsApp Chatbot for Coronavirus in March last year. The helpdesk usually provides real-time answers to users’ virus-related questions. For those who are not so keen on using various online portals or applications, it is expected that these free WhatsApp services will be quite effective.

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