How to Fix Error 9006 When Restoring iPhone

How to Fix Error 9006 When Restoring iPhone

How to Fix Error 9006 or iTunes error 9006 is a software issue that crops up when trying to restore or update an iPhone. It also appears while trying to download the software on an iPhone or iPad. The error message shows that “there was a problem downloading software” and that “an unknown error occurred (9006).” This appears as an “err = 9006” message over the frozen download or update window. We will learn here how to fix error 9006.

Although the error 9006 can be easily resolved using some easy methods, sometimes it may not be the case. If basic troubleshooting does not work and the update or restoration of the iPhone fails, you have to consider other options. Learning more about how to fix error 9006 will help in this regard.

What causes error 9006?

Before learning how to fix error 9006, let us look at its cause. This error occurs when an iPhone is not able to connect to the iOS software update servers. Therefore, it results in an incomplete download or a failed software update. This is caused usually because of firewalls or anti-virus apps /software. However, the internet connection may also be blamed. Sometimes, an incompatible version of the OS itself or an outdated version of iTunes too can cause error 9006.

How to resolve iTunes error 9006?

When you are attempting to restore your iPhone or trying to update the iOS, you may encounter error 9006. To resolve it, follow the below steps:
  1. Ensure that you have a working internet connection. Keep your device connected.
  2. Quit iTunes. Close the app.

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3. Update iTunes. Check for other software updates on your Mac OS and install them.

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4. Restart your computer.

5. Disable anti-virus software and firewalls, if you are using any. This is only temporary: you can activate them again once error 9006 is fixed.

How To Fix iTunes Error 9006

  1. Use another USB port on the same computer and start the update again.
Here, we update the iTunes app to its latest version and deactivate firewalls and anti-virus software to resolve error 9006. This process of how to fix error 9006 should work in most cases. But what if it doesn’t?

Alternative method

If the first method does not work, you have to manually intervene. This one is a two-step process. First, you must locate the failed IPSW files and delete them. And next, download the IPSW files again or update them. This will update your iPhone and fix error 9006.
  1. Go to your system directory and locate the failed IPSW files. They should be available in any of the paths: ~/Library/iTunes/ or ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates depending on your device and the version.

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  1. Manually delete the old IPSW files from iTunes.
  2. Use the IPSW files to directly update them, or redownload them.

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This is the manual method of how to fix error 9006 and will work fine if the first method fails.