Manav Sampada

A government portal established by NIC, Government of India – Manav Sampada is very popular for it’s services to government employees. The website is an employee management application or HRMS (Human Resources Management System). It provides various services like service book updates, Checking PI Status, correction and verification of service books, etc.

In this article, we will tell you how does this amazing portal work and how can government employees benefit from Manav Sampada Portal.

The official website of Manav Sampada

The official website of Manav Sampda Portal is You can open this website in your web browser on both mobile and PC. The website is built using the official software provided by the National Informatics Center of India.

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The website provides featured options to check registered government departments and employees.

Manav Sampada has an android app too

Apart from the website, there is an app that can be downloaded from the official UP Manav Sampada portal. The app is called mSTHAPNA and is available on Play store too.

It has already got more than 100K downloads and is very popular among government employees.

You can apply for leave online at the Manav Sampada Portal

Government employees can not only check their service books, but they can also fill the online application form for leave using their Manav Sampda UP portal account. For that, they just have to log in to the eHRMS website and then follow the process mentioned below.

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How to fill online application form at eHRMS?

  • Go to eHRMS website
  • Click on eHRMS Login link
  • Fill the login details and login to the dashboard
  • Now, in the new menu, click on Online Leave
  • Choose the option called ‘Apply Leave’
  • Select the reporting officer
  • Provide leave type and dates as asked there.
  • Submit the application form

Your online application for leave will get submitted instantly and you will get your application reference number.

You can use that reference number to check the status of leave whenever you want.

The website works under the authority of Uttar Pradesh state government and is the only official portal for Human Resource Management System in UP. The official app also provides access to employee’s details and information as saved in the government database. It provides a special addition to the transparency claims that the government makes about its governance system.

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What is the use of this website?

Although it is clear from the above-mentioned details, let us talk in detail about the actual purpose of the establishment of this website. The website has not only the options available for government employees but also for the general public, there are lots of data available which makes the trust establishment about governance even better.

Another reason for the website’s launch is the use of less paper which makes the whole process of human resource management as an environmentally friendly process.

For employees, services are available for free. They can just log in to the portal or web app and make changes to their applications and service requests online.

Management of employee’s personal details, family details, and more is available there too!