How to Protect yourself if you got a spam message on your Smartphone

No matter what phone you use, you will always receive scam text messages. Such messages not only make people angry and frustrated, but also sometimes mislead them.

You may have also received a warning message such as when you won a lottery or when your iCloud account was hacked.

Such messages are not sent just to deceive or grieve as we think. Instead, such messages are sent for far-reaching purposes.

The main purpose of such messages is to try to get the information and information of their personal account by sending a message to the user. When someone received such details, an attempt is made to gain access to online accounts by taking over the phone.

In this article I am going to describe you some information about how to Protect yourself if you got a spam message on your smartphone, that will protect your mobile from the potential risk of scams and spam messages.

  1. Don’t open any unnecessary links

Scammers are very clever. They sometimes send us messages that look like they were sent to us by a legitimate company, a wireless carrier that can send a link to verify your account information.

Such a link can lead you to a site that looks very real. But it is thrown away. It uses your username, password and other personal details, which may be used in the future.

So if you receive an unexpected message, do not open the link inside it. Do not keep account or personal information even if you open it.

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  1. Think before you reply by typing ‘stop’

One of the best ways to stop these types of spam messages is to reply to them with a ‘stop’ message. Doing so reduces the number of annoying messages from a political campaigner to a service provider.

But scammers can use this method again to deceive you. After we send a stop message, hackers can find out that our phone number is genuine and target us and send more messages and robots. So before you reply by writing a stop, do a little research on the nature of the message.

  1. Use the phone’s built-in blocking tool

Another option is to block such numbers yourself. Both iOS and Android have a built-in tool that blocks messages and calls from certain numbers.

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iPhone users open the message in the message app and tap the profile photo at the top. You can also tap the info in it.

Tap the phone number on the next screen and then go to Block This Color. After doing so, such messages are blocked.

  1. File a complaint

If you want to prevent spam messages from appearing now or in the future, you can file a complaint with the relevant telecom regulator or telecommunication service provider in the country.

Alternatively, you can file a complaint against such messages at the Cyber ​​Security Police Office.

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