How to enable fast charging mode on an old Smartphone

Older smartphones often do not have a fast-charging battery. In this case, the battery naturally charges slowly. Such phones support fast charging, but not fast charging.

But in some cases, fast charging can be done even on a phone that charges late. Making a change to the phone’s settings can get rid of the problem of slow charging. This setting change will reduce charging time by at least 20 percent.

Settings related to fast charging are inside your phone. This feature is included in the Developer Options in the phone’s settings, which need to be activated first.

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To use this feature, first go to About Phone by setting the phone. Then tap the Build Number 7-8 times among the various options that appear.

Then comes the developer option. This option contains some secret settings related to the phone.

  1. Tap the Developer Options tab on the phone.


  1. Then tap on the Select USB configuration tab in the Networking option. MTP atta is selected in it. Now select the Charging option.


  1. After selecting Charging, go back to Developer Options. Next, repeat the previous method and check if the charging is selected. Now if you keep the phone charged, it will charge faster than before.

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Media transfer protocol (MTP) is the default in USB configuration under Android smartphones. From this, if you select the charging option, it will charge relatively fast.

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