How to restore the Hotmail key if you forgot the Password

How to restore the Hotmail key if you forgot the Password

How to restore the Hotmail key if you forgot the Password

Despite the overwhelming assurances Microsoft has given to its e-mail client, there are still some situations in which someone could hack the Hotmail key (or the new, so try to retrieve it under the only module offered by this signature. Here we will learn How to restore the Hotmail Key:

For privacy and security policies, Microsoft does not offer an alternative route to traditional when it comes to retrieving a Hotmail password, so we should try to consider some aspects that should be configured prior to when we had access to the email account. We will now try to specify what to do if for some reason we are not able to log in to the service.

How to recover Hotmail password with its technical help

There is only one step you should take if your Hotmail password is compromised and therefore you cannot enter or log in to the service. We suggest that you first go to the link below, where you will only find alternative options that Microsoft offers you when it comes to retrieving or resetting your Hotmail password, these are:

“I forgot my password”
“I know what my password is, but I can’t log in.”
“I think someone is using my Microsoft account.”

You will have to choose any of the options shown on the screen and we have already suggested.

Choose the options

Depending on your choice to recover a lost, forgotten, or hacked Hotmail key, Microsoft may ask you:

Phone number to register in account settings.

Alternate email.

If you manage to configure any of this information in your Hotmail account, you can receive a code, an SMS message, or a restoration email with the Hotmail key in a few seconds; Perhaps as a tip, we can suggest you choose the third option if you think someone has stolen your Hotmail password; With this choice, you have to choose “Other” to keep a short description of what is happening; Be sure to include an alternate email address within this message to keep in touch with you. If Microsoft has access note that there is strange activity (via the IP address within your account), it will immediately contact you via email with the last option you left within the message.

If you have lost access to your Hotmail account, there are several options for retrieving it. So of course there is a method that fits what you need at that time so that your account is always accessible. The options available to us are:

Use another recovery email

Use another recovery email

The common thing when creating an email account is that we need to provide additional email accounts. That way, if something happens, we have another way to access it. In the case of Hotmail / Outlook, they often ask us for a recovery email, which can be an account on Gmail or any other email platform. If we forget the password, we will have to click on this option on the screen to enter the password.

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By doing this, we will be shown a screen where we can choose the method we want to use to regain access. Usually, this is to use a recovery email. If they are going to do so from Hotmail / Outlook, send the code to the email account. When you receive it, you will need to enter this code and you will be able to access the account again. Also, you will be asked to create a new password for it. In a few minutes, we will have access again.
Message on mobile

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If you don’t have an alternate email account which can happen in many cases, we have another method available in Hotmail. We can use SMS. This is the same as in the previous case, only this time the security code they send us is sent to our mobile phone via SMS. There are no other differences in this regard.

So, when we go to log in, we have to click on the option I forgot my password. We are sent to another screen, in which it is generally recommended to use recovery email. If you don’t have one, or you prefer to use SMS, you’ll need to click on the SMS option, unless you’ve associated a phone number with the account in the past. It is allowed to send SMS to your phone, which you have to sign in.

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You will then need to enter this code in Hotmail to start the account recovery process. When you have access to it, the first thing to ask is to change the password. So that we will not stop accessing it.

Another Option:

Another Option

It may be that neither of these two options fits in your case. Then, you can restore your account by applying the third option. On the screen where we have marked that we have forgotten the password, we have the option “I do not have any of these tests.” By clicking on it, it takes us to the screen where the account recovery starts. We need to fill in some data so that we can finally get access to it again.

It’s a long and tedious process, but it works well and the important thing is that we will have access to Hotmail again. Only fill in the fields you just needed.

As the last restore, we can always create a Hotmail email.

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