How to tag on Instagram story, post, videos, reels or How does tagging work on Instagram 2021


How to tag someone in Instagram story

How to tag on Instagram story, post, videos, reels, or How does tagging work on Instagram 2021


Instagram It started out as a platform where photos were shared and then evolved into a full social network where it is possible to meet people, share what is done on a daily basis and where a lot of diverse content is uploaded, both personal and professional. It is a social network that offers many possibilities thanks to its various functions, such as Instagram on the tag, something that is important to engage your friends, family, or acquaintances if you want to share your photos or experiences with them.

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Labels are the key to publishers being able to interact with other users on the platform, and so you need to know. This is how it is tagged on Instagram. For this reason, we will describe how to tag on Instagram with another person, so that you can get more interaction on the social network account.

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How to tag a person in a post

There are two different ways to power tag a person on Instagram, in the process of publishing a video or image, so that once you publish it, the tags will appear or once you have uploaded the application. You can actually edit it if you want to be able to tag someone.

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Tag on Instagram when uploading content

When you are going to publish content on Instagram, you must first go through the previous configuration in which you have the description of the publication in the publication, the location, the possibility to share it with you on other affiliate social networks and, tag the option Instagram.

To do this you need to click on the option Tag person to open the publication. Once this is done you should click on the area of ​​the image where you want to tag the person or any element or place in those photographs.

You can add people by typing and selecting your name when you click. This way it will be labeled, which is a very simple process to complete and may take a few seconds.
In a post already tagged on Instagram

If you want to tag a person in a previously published photo or video, the process of doing so is also very simple, you just have access to the publication in question and click on it. Three ellipses appear at the top right of the screen.

When you do, a pop-up window will appear, where you have the possibility to add a tag. All you have to do is click the person tag and you will be able to do the same steps as in the previous case, by clicking on the area of ​​the photo of your interest, writing its name and labeling it.

How to tag Instagram stories

Because there are stories on Instagram, you also have the possibility to tag one of them on Instagram, but this is different from how it is done in the case of traditional posts appearing on the feed.

In this case, when you upload a story, you have the possibility, after taking a photo or choosing, to write text, draw a picture or add a GIF or sticker. In this sense, it is done in two ways:

The first form of tagging in Instagram stories starts with “@” and the username is going to be written directly as text. Once you’ve entered the sign-in and username, all you have to do is click on the account you want to tag.

The second option is to click on the sticker icon, which is one in the shape of a square with a smiling face and will be left in its corner. Once you’re on the sticker you have to make a choice to mention and now you can add the tag of the person you want.

As you can see, both cases are very simple and will allow anyone to easily and quickly tag your stories.

How to untag post in feed

You should know that you can add tags to the feed, you can also delete any tags in your image or delete your tags where you added them. To do this you need to go to the specific publication that contains the tag to be removed and click on the button three points that appear at the top of it and click Edit. As you can add tags with this process, you can also remove them.

In any case, if in the event you want to remove a tag from your account in a published account that you have not shared, but someone else has shared, you will need to access this option again by clicking. Three points right above and select Options Label Options, and then select Remove My Tag from Image.

This way you already know how to tag someone on Instagram to remove a label, be it in their own publication or someone else’s, quite simple and fast. The process, as you can see, is not difficult for any user, so it does not require an experienced person on the platform to perform the task.

It is important to master these aspects as they are very simple although it needs to be used. In fact, tagging other people is the key to giving a publication more visibility

Girl strategy can be key, as the result of this tag is the possibility that the tagged people find out about the publication, they like me, and even leave. A comment that leads to a conversation leads to more comments and in this way, the publication gains more notoriety.
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