How To Save photos from Instagram to iPhone

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How To Save photos from Instagram to iPhone

Instagram is a popular resource for sharing photos and videos with users around the world. Sometimes on the tape you can see more beautiful and aesthetic photos that you want to save on your device for further viewing. Today we will learn How To Save photos from Instagram to iPhone.

Saving photos from Instagram to iPhone

The standard Instagram app for iPhone does not provide any function like saving photos and videos of yourself and others. Therefore, we need to look for other ways to solve this problem. Usually they use third party programs or built-in iPhone screen capture or capture function.

Method 1: Save Image Application

Save Images is a special extension for a Safari browser that lets you save images not only from Instagram but also from other sources. In addition, by copying the link, the user can download all the photos on the page at once. This method differs from others in that it preserves images in their original form without any loss of quality.

Save free images from the App Store

1. Download and install the application. You do not need to open it, since it is automatically installed on Safari and you can use it immediately.

2. Open the Instagram app and look for the image you like.

Open the Instagram app

3. Click on the icon with three dots in the top right and go to the special menu.

Click on 3 dots

4. Copy the press link, then the link to this post will be saved to the clipboard for further attachment.

click to copy link

5. Open the Safari browser, paste the copied link into the address bar and select Paste and go.

6. The same post will open on the Instagram website, where you should click on the icon “Share” at the bottom of the screen.

7. In the window that opens, we find the section “More” and click on it.

8. Move the slider to the right, Enable the Save Images extension. Press “Done”.

9. Now a function appears in the menu for saving images. Click on it.

10. Next, the user will see all the photos, including the avatars and other icons of all the people posted from this page. Select the picture you want.

11. Press “Save”. The photo will be uploaded to the device’s gallery.

Method 2: Screenshot

An easy and fast way to save images for your smartphone, but as a result you get an image with a bit of trimmed quality. Also, additional parts of the user application need to be trimmed, which also takes time.

1. Go to the Instagram app on your device.

2. Open the desired post with the photos you want to keep for yourself.

3. Press the buttons “Home” and “Power” at the same time and release quickly. The screenshot was created and saved in the device’s media library Go to the “Photos” section of the smartphone and look for the image.

4. Go to “Settings” by clicking on the special icon at the bottom of the screen.

5. Click the crop icon.

6. Select the region you want to see as a result and click “Done”. The image will be saved in the “Photos” section.

It’s easy to save your favorite Instagram photos by choosing the right method. However, it is important to remember that each method has a different quality.

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