How To Share Tweet Directly on Instagram Story – New Twitter Feature

How To Share Tweet Directly on Instagram Story

How To Share Tweet Directly on Instagram Story – New Twitter Feature

Now you can easily share your tweet directly on Instagram Story. Most recently, Twitter came up with such a feature. No need to take screenshots of tweets. Then you don’t have to share that screenshot anywhere else. You can share your tweets directly from the Twitter application to your Instagram Story. Let’s take a look at that method.

How to share your Tweet on Instagram Story?

Before sharing on Instagram Story, be sure to note that this feature is now enabled for Twitter users on iOS only. Maybe for Android will be brought soon. But it has not been brought yet and no information has been received about when it will be brought.

  1. To do this, first open your Twitter application. Then do a tweet. The tweet you want to share on your Instagram story.

2. Now look below the tweet, there is a share option. Click on it. Then the Instagram Story  option will be shown in the share option. Tap on that option.

3. You will then be asked for permission to open your Instagram. Give with that permission. Instagram story will come after everything is done. There you can write something if you need or add a separate sticker or GIF.

4. Finally, by clicking on the Sent option, your tweets will be shared on Instagram Story. Even if you share your tweets on Instagram like this, remember that no one can go directly to your Twitter by tapping on this story.

By the way, we have seen before that WhatsApp updated the status and gave the option to share that status directly on Facebook and Instagram. This time Twitter also took that path. How do you like the new benefits of Twitter? Don’t forget to comment.

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