The New Features will launched by Twitter where Users will get the more option


Last year, Twitter launched its audio room spaces feature compared to Clubhouse. The company has announced that the Twitter users who have 600 or more followers will be able to host the spaces. This feature is for both Android and iOS consumers. The company says that more than 600 users are able to take advantage of this feature in a better way. At the same time, we will make it available to everyone. Before making it accessible to everyone, we have to improve people’s feedback, search by people. Not only this, people can also make maximum use of it.

Ticketed Space Feature will come in the coming time

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Twitter says that it will also introduce Ticketed Spaces feature in the coming time. Through this feature, the host will be able to decide the price of the ticket and can tell how many tickets remain to be sold. In the coming few months some limited groups will be able to enjoy this facility. The host will be able to keep the revenue from the ticket sale. A small part of it will be kept twitter.

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Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces acts as an audio social platform clubhouse. All those who run Android and iPhone on Twitter can join these chat rooms. In a space, 11 people can speak at a time, including the host.

Button will also give this option

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Twitter is working on a tip user right on the user profile. One click button will give you the option to tip through Bandcamp, Cash App (Square, a Jack Dorsey company), Patron, PayPal and Venmo. In March, Wong tweeted that Twitter is working on a ‘tip jar’ feature for its social audio room space such as a clubhouse. Twitter has not formally announced the tipping feature.

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