How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram [2021] – Identify & Get rid of spam or bot or fake followers


How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram [2021]Do want to unfollow someone on Instagram, but thinking that it might be awkward?

You want the whole world can see your brand or profile on Instagram. Every brand or influencer has fans and haters. Here we will show you how to unfollow someone on Instagram. Keep your profile clean and remove useless people from it just by following some easy steps. 

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How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram from a private account

In the private profile, if you do not want to see someone’s feed, you can simply remove them from the list. If he/she has a public account, you can still able to see their content by searching their account. If they are following you as well so you have to remove them from your list to prevent them to visit your posts or stories.

You can remove someone by using these simple steps below:

  • Open your following list
  • Search for the profile you want to unfollow
  • And click on remove

How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram from a Public account: Block or Unfollow?

If you have a public account still you can stop seeing their latest feed by simply removing them from your list. But if you want to prevent them to check your posts so you have to block them.

You can block anyone by using these simple steps below:

  • Open their profile
  • Click on the 3 verticle dots
  • And click on the block option!

What Happens When You Unfollow someone on Instagram?

Removing someone means that you’re not able you see their content in your feed and he/she doesn’t exist anymore in your following list. 

If anybody has a public account, and you removed them from the list. You can still visit their profile, and able to see their content and stories. 

Removing someone won’t send any notification to them. They couldn’t know about that who removed them unit they check by themselves. But some of the users have a good check and balance, and they check frequently so that type of people can detect you.

What Happens When You Follow Someone On Instagram

Instagram isn’t like Facebook that added friends can see each other’s content. If you follow someone it means that just you’re seeing their content in the feed. They need to give a follow-back to see your content in the feed.

Following someone on Instagram sends a notification to the person you followed. Or if the account is private so he/she can see your account in the request section.

If they confirm your request, so you’ll be able to see their content. 

In the public profile, you can directly access it. But if you want to see their content in your feed so you should follow them. 


I do you you read the full article and hope you get that complete guide, we can’t follow everyone anywhere so keep your profile clean and professional. Comment below and let us know that: Why you unfollow people? Don’t have any interest in their posts anymore? Or maybe their posts make you feel negative. So in that case don’t feel any hesitation to go through the above process.