How to use Facebook’s new feature of archiving and exporting text posts

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Facebook has released a new feature. This feature is being released worldwide. Actually through this feature, users can export their post.

Users can archive Facebook posts. Apart from this, posts can also be exported to Google Docs, Word Press and Blogger.

Significantly, Facebook had given the feature of direct export of its photos to Google Photos for users last year. Similarly, now the company is going to do with Facebook posts.

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To export Facebook posts, users have to go to Facebook Settings. Then tap on Your Facebook Information. Here you have to select the option of Transfer a copy of your information.

After this you have to select where you want to export. Here you will find the option of Google Docs, WordPress and Blogger. Now here you can log in with your account (Google Docs, Word Press or Blogger). It will be transferred after confirming.

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Facebook announced a few years ago about data sharing. Under this cross platform data sharing, people include other platforms like Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft. That is, Facebook’s data can be transferred on different platforms.

Although posts can be archived and exported under this feature, these will not include comments. This feature will benefit those people who want to share their notes or posts.

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