How to use Secret Features of Gmail with these Smart Tricks

How to use Secret Features of Gmail with these Smart Tricks

Even though apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Zoom have taken over the internet world today, email has always had a special significance in our business and personal life. Most of the emails you use Google’s email, Gmail. It has over 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Gmail has many features and tricks, which makes your digital life so much easier. Gmail also has a third party app like Kiwi, which brings multiple accounts to the same app. In this article i am going to share about how to use secret features of Gmail with these smart tricks

  1. Sync with Calendar

I can’t remember if I don’t have an appointment in my Gmail calendar. If you put upcoming events or reminders in your Google Account on your phone, it syncs with your Gmail calendar and runs automatically on all devices.

If you also want to use Google Calendar, go to Google App and select Calendar. Download either the Google Calendar app for iOS or Android devices. This app may be placed by default on your Android phone.

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  1. Access Multiple Accounts at Once

If you have more than one active Google Account, you can switch to both without a workout. You need to click on the profile icon at the top right. Select another account there.

Sign in from there. When you click the profile icon at work, you can access it. If you do not continue to sign in to those accounts, Gmail will sign you out.

  1. Filters Setup

Many websites ask for your email address. This causes your inbox to be littered with more and more unsolicited emails.

Filters can help you if you want to better manage email and prioritize certain people.

To set up the filter, first open Gmail, now click Settings Gear and select CL Settings. Now click on Filters and Blocked Addresses and click on Create New Filter.

You can customize the filter to manage emails based on recipients, senders, subjects, keywords and more. When you get the specification, click Create Filter.

  1. Set up Signature

When setting up a signature in Gmail and composing a message, your emails get a very professional look. To set up a signature for all outgoing messages, first open Gmail.

Now go to Settings Gear and go to Settings. From there, scroll down until you see the signature and click Create New. Any signature you create can be seen in the settings. Where you can edit or delete all three at any time.

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  1. Undo the message already sent

Gmail has a nice feature called Undo Send. After sending any message, when you press the send button, a notification pops up at the bottom of the notification screen. But there are also undo and view message options.

If you click on it, Gmail will stop sending messages immediately. You can even edit how many messages to cancel. If there is no option for you Gmail to undo Send option and you want to set it up, go to Settings first.

From there you can scroll down to Undo Send by going to see all Settings. Here, you can set a 5, 10, 20 or 30 second send cancellation window.

  1. Schedule Sent

If your friends or colleagues live in different time zones, sending email notifications at any time can disturb them. In this case, it is wise to schedule a message.

Message scheduling is not very complicated. First, type what you want to say and select Schedule Send by clicking the down arrow instead of clicking Send. Gmail offers a potentially convenient time option. But you can also manually set a specific time.

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  1. Smart Compose

Gmail’s Smart Compose works just like Predictive Text. It streamlines your writing process. For example, if you’re typing ‘I will call you’, Google Smart Compose suggests the word ‘tomorrow’.

If you like the suggestion, hit that tab. Otherwise keep typing. If you don’t like Smart Compose, go to Settings and toggle it off.

  1. Check Spelling

Always be careful about spelling when sending important and business mails. Gmail’s spell checking tool will be very helpful for you. Gmail underlines spelled words incorrectly.

Gmail also has grammar and autocorrect features. To turn everything on and off, go to Settings and toggle on / off in the spell check.

  1. Mute Conversation

You may not know that Gmail also has a feature to mute email conversations. To do this, go to the three dot setting icon at the top of the email subject line and select Mute. If you want to un-mute it, you can also un-mute it by following the same procedure.

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