How to use the Pinned Comment Feature on Instagram – follow the Step

How to use the Pinned Comment Feature on Instagram

Instagram Pinned Comment Feature: After a long test, this feature of Instagram is now available to everyone.

Instagram has introduced a new feature under which you can pin the content of your post to your liking. These comments will appear at the top of the thread after pinning. This is similar if you use the pinned post or tweet feature on Facebook or Twitter.

This feature of Instagram was tested for some time. Recently it was offered to a limited number of users, but now the company has released it for all these Instagram users.

Instagram said, ‘From today we are releasing the features of Pind Comments for everyone. This means you can pin some comments at the top of the feed post and manage the conversation better.

You can follow these steps to pinned comment feature on Instagram

⇐ Long-press or swipe left to pinned the comment you want to pin. It also depends on your device from time to time.

⇐ Now you get the PINNED icon, get the option to report, delete, and reply.

⇐ Press the pin icon, after which a notification will be found here. Here it will be said that you can pin 3 comments above. During pinning, the user who made the comment will receive a notification.

⇐ Pin comments can also be deleted in this way and this is a way to pin other comments as well.