In the event of phone theft, the first step of any person is how to save their important information. How to block private things saved in the phone so that no one can misuse them. At the same time, people face a big problem in this situation, how to save their WhatsApp account. Also how to access it if it needs to be accessed again.

Apply this method to Recover Whatsapp account

In case of phone theft or lost, first block your SIM card. For this, you can call Customer Care according to your network provider. After this, login WhatsApp again with the new SIM. Talk that if you will log WhatsApp in any other mobile with your same number, then WhatsApp will be logged out from the old phone.

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You can also deactivate Whatsapp account without SIM

You can also de-activate your WhatsApp account without a SIM card. For this, you have to email WhatsApp. You need to send your complete number in international format with the message Lost / Stolen: Please deactivate my account.

Once de-activated, contacts can still view your profile and send messages, which will be in pending status for 30 days. If the user manages to activate the account again before it is deleted, then he will get any pending message on the new phone and can still be a part of group chats. If the user does not activate his account within 30 days, then it will be completely removed.

Wi-Fi can be used

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Even with SIM card block and phone service disabled, WhatsApp can be used over Wi-Fi if the user does not contact the company with a request to de-activate the account. If the user managed to backup before using Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive, then he may be able to restore his chat history.