Immediately delete this application from your phone, otherwise, your mobile may be hacked

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Immediately delete this application from your phone, otherwise, your mobile may be hacked

The privacy of Android device users has come under threat again. More than 10 crore Android devices with more than 2 dozen apps installed were found to be leaking users’ data. Check Point Research has found out about this. For this, he has also released a list of apps. Some quite popular apps are also named in it.

According to Check Point Research, with the help of these apps, hackers get personal information from Android devices. These devices include not only mobile but also tablets. The worst thing is that the personal data of millions of users is available on the real-time database which is linked to these Android apps.

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In the report, the Check Point Research team has mentioned some popular apps. This application is from Astrology, Fax, Taxi Service, and Screen Recording category. The researcher told that from this list, they have discovered at least three apps. These apps are Astro Guru, T’Leva (taxi-related app with more than 50,000 downloads), and Logo Maker.

Personal data from these applications remain at risk. Hackers can easily get the email, password, name, date of birth, gender, device location, private chat of these application users. Researchers were also able to access the chat of the user and the taxi driver on the T’Leva app.

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All these apps are connected to real-time databases, so the risk of hacking is high. By simply sending a request in the database of the T’Leva app, they can get much information from users. From this, guess how weak their security is.

Hackers can also get users to install a third-party app by accessing its notification manager. Users can install the app by understanding the notifications received from the developers. With this, all the data of their phone can be hacked. For now, until the security of these apps is not increased, then you delete them from your phone.

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