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Personal data of users leaking from Koo App

The Koo app, being called Desi Twitter, is currently in the news. Many big leaders including Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad have become part of it. Meanwhile, it has been reported from a French security researcher that the Koo app is not safe and that users’ personal data is being leaked. These include email ID, phone numbers and date of birth.

French cyber security researcher Robert Baptiste, also known as Elliott Anderson, because of his Twitter account, did research on Ku that it is not safe. Let me tell you, Baptiste has been in the headlines even before for mentioning flaws in the Aadhaar system.

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Update: Reacting to the data leak, Ku said, ‘Users enter their profile data in the app so that they can share it with others in the platform. At the same time, the display is displayed on the entire platform. But, the app is being falsely accused of data leaks. When it is called only public public profile, all users can see it.

Similarly, on the Chinese link, the company responded by saying, ‘Koo takes pride in being an Indian company with Indian founders and registered here. A recent investment in Kuo’s parent company Bombinate Technologies is Mohandas Pai of 3one4 Capil, an Indian investor. Shunwei is a single-digit shareholder who answered the questions of users in our second startup Vokal, which invests in Indian languages. Now Shunwei is leaving our company altogether.

Last night Baptiste wrote in a tweet, ‘I have spent 30 minutes on the new Koo app at your behest. This app is leaking personal data of users. These include email, date of birth, name, marital status and gender.

Security researcher has also shared screenshots about this. It is clear from the screenshot that the app is leaking many personal data. It is feared that the data of millions of users of the app may have been leaked so far. It is worth noting that some Indian government departments and ministers are also associated with this platform. In such a case, their name may also be included.