how Instagram account disconnected from Facebook
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The biggest advantage of connecting an Instagram account to Facebook is that you can share photos on both accounts simultaneously. But if you do not want to connect them to each other, then with the help of some tips, Instagram account disconnected from Facebook

The use of social media platforms has become a common practice for almost everyone today. With the help of these platforms, we remain connected to our loved ones. Do not forget to share your experiences or any special photo here. If you are also active on social media then you must know that there are many benefits of linking Instagram and Facebook. With its help, you can easily share photos and videos on both platforms simultaneously. You can also search for your Facebook friends on Instagram. But if you want that you do not have both accounts connected to each other, then there is also an option for that. Here we are telling you how to disconnect Instagram and Facebook from each other.

This is how Instagram account disconnected from Facebook

Users can disconnect Instagram and Facebook accounts as per their convenience. After which you will be able to share different posts on both accounts. We are going to tell you to step by step process of disconnecting Instagram and Facebook.

Step 1. For this, you have to open your Instagram account first.

Step 2. After opening the account, go to its settings and click on the Linked Account given there.

Step 3. After that, you have to tap on Facebook. As soon as tapping, iOS users will see the Unlink Account account and Android users will see the option of Unlink.

Step 4. On clicking Unlink, your two accounts will be separated from each other and your Instagram posts will not show on Facebook.

Step 5. Tell that if you want to link them again, the same process will have to be followed for that.

Note: Please tell that for iPhone and Android phone users, the option names given in the settings may change. So proceed only after checking properly.