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Instagram introduces new feature for stories, learn about it

Instagram has introduced a new sticker option for stories called Captions. These caption stickers will automatically transcribe the speech of Instagram stories. This will allow viewers to see subtitles in real-time.

Instagram’s caption feature was already present in IGTV and the Threads app. Now Instagram has introduced this feature for stories and reels. This feature can be implemented in two ways. First caption using stickers.

To do this, select a video to share in your Instagram Story. Before sharing it, find the ‘Sticker’ button in the preview page. Look at the caption button from many sticker options and click on it to apply in your story.

This will transcribe the audio of the video. Also, users can also tap on the transcript to edit the color. For this one has to tap on the color picker from the top.

Another way to use captions in your story is to set automatic video captions via the settings toggle in the Instagram app. To do this, users have to go to the three dot menu from the main Instagram screen. From here you have to enter the story settings. After this, you will see an option to turn on auto-generated captions here.

Only English is currently supported for the Instagram caption feature. Therefore, it has been made available only in English speaking countries. It is expected that soon it will be made available in many languages ​​and in many other countries.