Launch iPhone 13 – Which iPhone Will Die?

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Launch iPhone 13 – Which iPhone Will Die?

As good as Apple’s current iPhone lineup is — and you’ll find many of the models that Apple sells among the best phones — the days are numbered for some iPhones. Every fall, Apple introduces new models and that means the existing lineup comes for free. Some iPhones are often locked down at a low price, but others are shown the door invisibly.

That’s the fate of some of the phones Apple currently sells in just a few months. We expect the iPhone 13 to launch in September, and that means one or more existing iPhones you can buy from Apple will disappear without a trace.

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This isn’t something we’ll know officially until we read about Apple’s iPhone 13 event. However, seeing as how the Apple-powered iPhone debuted in the past and rumors about the iPhone 13 releasing this fall, we can make some pretty reasonable guesses that iPhones might not last much longer.

Such information helps to influence your iPhone buying preferences. If you’ve seen a model that might be on the chopping block, you’ll know that the specific model should be bought sooner rather than later. (That said, even if an iPhone model moves away from Apple’s lineup, you may still be able to find it through a wireless carrier or retailer.) Lower it and grab.

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iPhone arrangement reshuffle: What Apple has done as of late

The iPhone 12 launches in the latest fall, with Apple dropping two phones from its lineup. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max paved the way for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, both starting at the same 999 and 1,1,099 prices as their predecessors.

Even after the arrival of the iPhone 12 model, three phones remained stuck. iPhone SE holds its position as the cheapest iPhone available at $ 399. The iPhone 11 and iPhone XRO remain the same, but the price of the Aari 100 has dropped. Its price was $ 599 for the iPhone 11 and $ 99, 499 for the iPhone XRT. The iPhone 12 lineup will start with the iPhone 12 Mini starting at $ 699.

Look at the iPhone 11 launch another year and Apple followed the same pattern – the iPhone XS and XS Max dropped out of the lineup a year later. The iPhone XR was positioned similar to the iPhone 8, which was launched two years ago.

So we have a clear pattern – the more expensive phones in Apple’s lineup tend to be replaced by more current models. Cheap iPhones last about a year or two, often at a lower cost.

What are we expected from iPhone 13?

Apple holds its iPhone launch plan closer to being assigned, but the rumor mill is not under such obligations. Most Apple observers expect that with this iPhone 13 release, the company will repeat the iPhone 12 launch strategy — namely, four models of the same size and price as their iPhone 12 counterparts.

A possible wildcard 5.4-inch phone. Reports claim that the iPhone 12 minutes didn’t sell well, and rumors for some time suggested that Apple would ditch the compact design for the iPhone 13 launch. Subsequent rumors have claimed that an iPhone 13 mini is still on track, so although fans of the coolest little phone are eager to get a hold of the design simple, we believe there will be a mini model with three more iPhone 13 options.

As mentioned, it is widely expected that Apple will keep the same price for the iPhone 13 model – $699 per minute, 799,799 for the standard model, and 9,999 for the Pro versions as the starting point. It’s important to consider, as it provides a reference point for what Apple might set a new price for its older iPhone.

Earlier Prediction of iPhone 13: Which iPhones models will stay and which are say goodbye:

Current iPhonesCurrent priceWill Apple keep it?Predicted new price
iPhone 12 mini$699NoN/A
iPhone 12$799Yes$599
iPhone 12 Pro$999NoN/A
iPhone 12 Pro Max$1,099NoN/A
iPhone 11$599Yes$499
iPhone XR$499NoN/A
iPhone SE$399Yes$399

Looking at how Apple has handled the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, and iPhone XS Max with the last two release cycles, you can see that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max survived. With the arrival of the iPhone 13, it makes sense to throw them away. Older Pro models can drive down sales of the iPhone 13 Pro at a lower cost. Also, a 99799 iPhone 13 and a 9999 iPhone 13 Pro don’t really leave many slots to fit the older iPhone 12 Pro model at a lower price.

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The tough question is whether Apple will include the new iPhone 13 model as well as the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Minutes in its lineup. You’d think the company would put out one of these phones, but not both, and considering the so-called slow sales of the iPhone 12 Minutes, it looks like this model will come down.

In this scenario, the iPhone 12 will be around, but it will cost less than $ 599, so its price is less than the starting price of the iPhone 13 model. Given Apple’s recent history of cutting $100 for older iPhones — of course, this would cut the current cost of the iPhone 12 by about $200 — still, it’s probably worth two as part of the iPhone’s offerings. There’s more to it than that being the 5.4-inch model.

In the case of older models, it’s not hard to imagine that the iPhone XR was dropped without a hitch. That phone will celebrate its third birthday in the fall and he almost always prefers to have an Apple phone. It’s also worth noting that the new digital key features for Wallet in iOS 15 are not supported by the iPhone XR; You’d imagine that Apple would only want to sell phones that took full advantage of its new phone software.

That leaves the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, both of which have the advantage of running on the A13 Bionic processor. That chip is powerful enough to support all the features of iOS 15, save for the 5G performance enhancements Apple is promising as part of the update. You can see that the iPhone 11 is carrying the current price of the iPhone XR at Rs 499, and the iPhone SE is still selling for Rs 399.

Of course, none of this is set in stone, and Apple usually has its own advice when it comes to establishing a product lineup. Still, when the iPhone 13 launches this fall, don’t be surprised to see some old favorites substitute when other phones leave the stage.

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