COVID-19: Save these numbers on WhatsApp, you will get help from food to medicine


save these numbers on WhatsApp

COVID-19: Save these numbers on WhatsApp, you will get help from food to medicine

Instant messaging app WhatsApp makes many of our tasks very easy. With the help of WhatsApp, people can stay connected with each other. Its main idea is to increase communication between people. Because of this, it is also helping people a lot in COVID-19.

On this, you can take help from vaccine to resources. If you do not know about it, then we are going to tell you here how you can take and give help using WhatsApp in COVID-19.

WhatsApp is connected with Robinhood Army NGO. With the help of this, food is provided by connecting the patient with the volunteers. It also helps senior citizens to sign up on the vaccination portal. Let you know, this NGO takes surplus food from the restaurant and delivers it to the needy. To connect to it, you have to WhatsApp on +91 8971966164.

Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila has started to give food access to the needy. Now it is also available on WhatsApp. With this people are connected with the meal provider. For this, all you have to do is a message on +91 888289316.

The government has taken an initiative to help find vaccination centers. With this, you can easily find the vaccination center on WhatsApp. All you have to do is a message on +919013151515. After giving some basic details here, you can find out about the nearby vaccination center.

You can message +41 79 893 1892 for help related to COVID-19. To know the vaccination slot, you have to message on +91 78386 34968. You have to fill in some details in this. After this, when the slot becomes vacant, you will be informed about it.

You can contact Indiashield for verified medical help in your city. For this, you have to message on +91 90823 28320. After following some steps, you can get the necessary resource. Similarly, you can get medical and food-related help from COVIDAsha. For this, you have to WhatsApp on +91 76765 22535.

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