Make Your Slow Smartphone Super Fast Today in a New Way

Make Your Slow Smartphone Super Fast

Our lives are useless nowadays without smartphones. New technologies for smartphones are often being discovered. The speed of the internet is also increasing. Starting from 2G, we are now moving towards 5G. But when the smartphone is slow, high-speed internet is of no use. It also takes some extra time to open and close the app. Our phone may be slow for various reasons. So, here we tech you how to make smartphones super fast.

However, if you follow the tips below, such problems will not happen again.

How to make smartphones super fast

– First of all, go to the settings of the smartphone. Then tap on About Phone.
– Here you will get the Build number option. You need to tap this option several times very quickly. Some phones may have this option in the software information.
– Then you will get the Developer option in the phone settings.
– You have to click on it until the toggle button is on.
– Then you have to go to Developer Options on the phone. You can also go to the phone’s settings option and search for Developer Options.

– If you scroll down here, you will get the Drawing option.
– Here Windows Animation Scale will be set to 1X. Make it 0.5x instead. After doing this, the speed of your smartphone will increase.

After changing these settings you will have a better experience than before to browse multitasking, go home, and settings adjustments on your phone. If your phone speeds up after doing this, you can set it to 1X again.

This method is effective for all Android smartphones. Then why is it late? Get your smartphone super-fast today.

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