Now GooglePay start “Tap to Pay” for access to pay through card


Now GooglePay start "Tap to Pay" for access to pay through card

Google has launched the Pay Tap to Pay feature, which allows you to pay with credit and debit cards

Google pays support for the Tap to Pay feature for Axis and SBI cards in the Visa payment network.

Google on Monday announced the launch of Google Pay Tokenization, which will make it easier for customers to pay with their cards. Customers can use the “tap-to-pay” feature at NFC-enabled POS terminals and online merchants to make payments.

Google has partnered with Visa to develop a feature for Google Pay users. Currently, this feature is available to Axis and SBI card users. Banks in Kottayam and more are expected to follow suit soon.

“We are committed to providing our emerging customers with the most secure payment experience and also assist in replacing sensitive data such as tokenization credit and debit card numbers with tokens and eliminating the possibility of fraud. We hope it will further encourage transactions, ”said Sajith Sivanandan, Business Head, NBU, Google Pay.

How Google Pay Tokenization works

Google Pay’s tokenization feature allows Android users to make payments with their debit or credit card via a secure digital token attached to their handset. This eliminates the need to physically share credit or debit card details.

“This feature also works with online merchants who offer a more local, seamless OTP experience without being redirected to 3D secure sites,” Google said in a post.

“With tokenization, Google Pay allows a secure and secure Omnibus Channel experience to assist customers,” it said.

Google says the feature will allow Android devices/phones capable of field communication (NFC) to make contactless payments over 2.5 million Visa Merchant locations. It supports scanning and payment of over 1.5 million India QR-enabled merchants. Customers can use their cards to pay bills and recharges from the Google Pay app.

How to set it up

To enable the tap and pay feature on a smartphone, Google Pay users must enter their card details and set it up once. To do so, tap Settings> Payment Methods> Add Card.

To activate the card in the Google Pay app, customers need to enter the OTP received from the bank. After registration is complete, you can use the feature to make payments at NFC-enabled terminals.