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How to Port Mobile Number Online

How to port mobile numbers online?

Internet usage is on the rise due to the growing trend of working from home. If you don’t have WiFi at home, you need a strong internet connection to upload and download Fi for work. A high-speed internet connection is also required for video conferencing. If you have trouble working at home using mobile data, you can easily port your number to another network and continue working.

If mobile data is slow, check out these solutions before porting:

Turn on and off mobile data from the notification shed.

Turn on and off the airplane mode of the mobile phone.

If this does not solve the problem, switch off the phone.

Check if the phone is recharged.

Go to speedtest.net and measure the speed of the internet. If the speed is low, contact the service provider.

If all the above work is done for a long time but no solution is found, you can leave your mobile number one and port it to another network. Mobile numbers are being ported online from home in Corona. Take a look at how?

How to port to Reliance Geo network online?

Download the My Geo app.

Leave your number one here and select the option to join the Geo Network.

Now let the company know whether your number is prepaid or postpaid.

Then select the plan of your choice.

Now confirm your location.

After that two options will be available. The first option is to come home and get a new SIM card from the company. In a second way, the customer can go to the nearest Geo store and bring the SIM.

How to port online the Airtel network?

Download the Airtel Thanks app.

Now select the plan of your choice and make a port-in the request.

Now the executive from Airtel will come to your house and port the number. Sim will be delivered at the same time.

How to port the online Vodafone-Idea network?

Download the Vodafone-Idea app and enter your name and phone number on the MNP page.

Then select the Vodafone Red postpaid plan.

Now select ‘Switch to Vodafone‘.

After that, if you give your address, Vodafone Idea will deliver the SIM to that address.

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