Prepared to compete with Apple Watch, Google tied up with Samsung for a smartwatch

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Prepared to compete with Apple Watch, Google tied up with Samsung for a smartwatch

The Apple Watch remains the world’s best-selling smartwatch for many years. To combat this, Google, Fitbit, and Samsung have now partnered. Google announced this in Google I / O 2021. Google announced it is merging its Wear OS and Samsung Tizen OS.

Google is constantly lagging in the smartwatch market. Google had also bought Fitbit for this. Now it is also joining Samsung with itself to compete with Apple Watch. Google will create the OS for smartwatches by combining Wear OS and Tizen OS.

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Google has said in its blog that by coming with Wear OS and Tizen OS, users will get faster performance, more battery life and more apps for smartwatches. With this, users will get a new way of UI experience with their favorite Google update. Let us know that Google Wear will focus on OS while Fitbit will launch the smartwatch.

No photo has been shared about the new smartwatch operating system in Google I / O 2021. Google claimed that the application will start at 30 percent fast on the latest chipset. Apart from this, there will be a smooth user interface animation and motion on it.

The lower layers of the OS have been optimized for better and longer battery life. With this, the heart rate sensor can continue to work for the whole day. According to Google, even after tracking your sleep all night, the battery will be left for the next day.

Google has said that other smartphone makers can also customize the new OS. Developers can build applications using Android. Google Maps and Google Assistant have been redesigned to improve Wear OS.

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