I / O 2021: Google Photos Includes Many New Features, Including Private Folder

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I / O 2021: Google Photos Includes Many New Features, Including Private Folder

The Google I / O Developer Conference has begun. Yesterday i.e. May 18 was its first day. At this conference, Google announced many new features. Android 12 was also introduced at this conference. New features ranging from Google Maps to Google Photos were discussed at the Google I / O Developer Conference.

Among the new features of Google Photos, the first feature is the Passcode Protected Locked Folder. Users can save their private photos in the Locked Folder space. Users will not be visible while scrolling the save photo in this folder.

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Locked Folder will first be made available on the Google Pixel device. After Google Pixels, it will also be released for other Android devices. Photos and videos can be stored directly on the Pixels device from the camera app in the locked folder near the users.

Apart from locked folders, Memories have also been changed in Google Photos. Memories show you photos, new highlights, movements with loved ones, favorite activity from the previous year. Many times it also shows you photos that you want to forget. Keeping this in mind, a new feature has been designed.

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You can control and capture photos of some people or photos of certain time periods. This feature will be launched this year. With Google Photos, you can control Memories in your grid. You can rename any trip highlight. In the coming time, you can delete a single photo from any memory.

Apart from this, you can also remove Best of Month Memories. You can rename or remove the memory based on celebrating moments. In the coming time, you will be given the option of many new types of Memories. It will also include Diwali, Lunar New Year, Hanukkah, and more.

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